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Berlin - Spandau

Old Town and Citadel with Tips for Spandau

In Co-Operation with: Fördererkreis Museum Spandau / Heimatkundliche Vereinigung Spandau

Size: folded to ca. 9,5 x 17 cm, flat size ca. 48 x 34 cm

Scale: 1 : 8.000

Edition: 1. Auflage 2010

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ISBN: 978-3-86514-176-7

Price: 2,00 Euro

Berlin - Spandau (Click in preview opens a bigger view)

Pharus-Plan Berlin - Spandau Titelbild Pharus Berlin - Spandau Titelbild
Pharus-Plan Berlin - Spandau complete map Pharus Berlin - Spandau complete map
Pharus-Plan Berlin - Spandau back of the map Pharus Berlin - Spandau back of the map
Pharus-Plan Berlin - Spandau Ausschnitt Pharus Berlin - Spandau Ausschnitt

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Museums, Playgrounds, lookout points, background information, walkways, restaurants, public transportation.

The exact map you see in the picture "complete map". On the back of the plan can be found, illustrated by some photos, some statistical information to Spandau, and a very detailed text of Spandau with many interesting historic background.
Addition to a legend, there are also a selection of important addresses for Spandau.

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